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Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad
Chancellor, Jamia Markaz
Born 22 March 1931
Location Kanthapuram, Kozhikode District, Kerala, India
Nationality Indian
Spouse Zainab
Children Abdul Hakeem Azhari
Mother Kunheema Hajjumma
Father Mouthariyil Ahmad Haji
Education Baqiyat Salihat Arabic College
Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad

Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad is a Sufi Islamic scholar with international acclaim, blessed speaker and an influential Muslim leader from Southern India. He was elected as the Grand Mufti of India on 24th February 2019. He’s the founder and current chancellor of Jamia Markaz, headquartered in Karanthur and spread all over the Indian states, which is perhaps the largest educational institution in the Asian continent. He has consecutively been ranked for many years as an influential Muslim from India by the prestigious Directory, “The Muslim 500”, published by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre of Jordan. He presently holds the position of the General Secretary to a number of supreme educational and scholastic councils in India, namely Sunni Scholars Organisation of India, Islamic Education Board of India, Samastha Kerala Sunni Jam-iyyathul Ulema.

In addition, he also serves as the advisory board member to many remarkably important global platforms working for the pursuit of peace, education and development, like the Al-Baith Institute for Islamic Thought, Jordan. He is one of the famous signatories of the Common Word Between Us and You, an open letter by Islamic scholars to Christian leaders, calling for peace and mutual understanding. He is also the consortium Qazi (Religious Tribunal) of different districts in the states of Kerala and Karnataka. Moreover, he runs several non-profit educational bodies and publishing houses in Kerala.

He was born on 22nd March 1939 in the rural suburb of Kanthapuram in the Kozhikode district of Kerala. He built his organizational and leadership career by exhibiting his exceptional oratory skills and innovations in the field of education. Similarly, he was at the forefront of many struggles and campaigns for uplifting the marginalized and the destitute to the mainstream. Through his educational and charity programs, he could present a unique mode of rehabilitation for the disaffected youths of war-torn Kashmir, those people at illiterate ghettos of Bengal and other North Indian regions and several others in and outside India. From his early career as a leader, he’s known for building many charity initiatives in Kerala that didn’t ever show up any discrimination on the grounds of language, caste, culture and religion. He further navigated the social causes of peace and communal harmony. His special journeys, (to name, Kerala Yatra(2015, 2010) and Karnataka Yatra) for awakening the message of peaceful humanity could conquer the secular minds of the majority of the population living in Kerala and Karnataka. Also, he has embarked on several spiritual tours to many eastern and western nations, even the United States of America.

He has been invited to address numerous International seminars and conferences held in Asia, Africa and Europe. He has even hosted many international conferences in India, including an annual international peace conference in the memory of Sheikh Zayid. His campaigns, talks, conferences and public processions against terrorism, extremism and militant fanaticism have won him several national international recognition. He has authored fifty books on various Islamic subjects in English, Arabi, Urdu and Malayalam and delivered more than one hundred speeches in International conferences. His diplomatic interventions and cordial relationship with the ruling elites in the Arab countries have invited special recognition from the government. He runs on behalf of the Jamia Markaz nearly 300 public schools and other primary educational centres. Apart from those primary educational centres, he has even contributed several centres of excellence including the upcoming educational initiation of Markaz Knowledge City, creating the opportunity for the study and jobs in the technical and professional sectors. Curiously enough, he has frequently been victimised by the mainstream media manipulations and their political agendas even in the form of accusing him of anti-educational and anti-women, although he has seriously taken measures for ensuring and promoting the education of women in the aforementioned educational institutes. He still continues to train the millions of youths morally and spiritually and guide them to the vision of education, peace and development.