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Erudite Scholar

Sheikh Abubacker Ahmed is a charismatic scholar who mesmerized the world with his matchless wisdom and unparalleled expertise in the knowledge-tradition of traditional Islam. He has been recognized by the global muslim leaders as one of the very influential scholars trained in classical Islamic sciences in our time.

Enthralling supervisor

Serving as a visionary educationalist, who methodically developed special schemas for reforming the modern education with Islamic values of ethics and social responsibility, he proved his multi-faceted personality by showing the brilliance and efficiency in the ways he runs various professional institutions, vocational and technical education centers, management schools, theological seminaries, liberal arts colleges and so on.

Creator of a new history

Born on 22nd March 1939, in the suburban village of Kanthapuram, Calicut, Kerala, Sheikh Abubacker began his unending efforts to serve the people in general and Muslim community in particular. His relentless efforts backed by an adorable commitment and unique determination kicked off a new era of novelty and freshness. He lit a candle of hope, in the gloomy corridors of the then society charecterised by the stark ignorance and economic apathy, by shouldering immense challenges and various responsibilities.

A charismatic organizer

As an influential Muslim leader, he is a beacon light of hope for the community. He has been mobilysing the different segments of society by heading many institutions and councils for education and charity in the region. He could redefine by his exemplary leadership the social and educational imaginaries of Muslim youth in Kerala.

Voice of Indian Muslims

Sheikh Abubacker Ahmad stood for the neeed and progress of minorities in the nation as he often times publicly registered his concerns for the community and made use of the government in this regard. He not only realized the pangs and agonies suffered by the minorities especially the Muslims but also strongly advocated for their development.

Prolific author

Sheikh Abubacker Ahmad is also a prolific writer who authored more than two dozen books that brought an unprecedented wave of influence and rigour in the field of both classical and academic scholarships. He has also continuously contributed to several online and offline publishing platforms with a huge number of articles and scholarly write-ups. His works are appeared in several languages e.g., Arabic, Urdu and Malayalam.

Publisher of a news daily

Sheikh Abubacker is officially the publisher of one of the leading Malayalam news dailies, the Siraj, which is being circulated in India and abroad. With more than 50,000 readership in India and Gulf countries. Siraj was brought into the landscape of mainstream media journalism accompanied with media responsibility and unique dedication.

Spokesman of peace and harmony

Sheikh Abubacker is one of the signatories of the Common World International Peace Agreement along with many leading Sunni scholars across the globe. For the last few years, he is successfully conducting and mentoring an yearly International peace summit in India, a convention with international standard in an attempt to prepare a dias for sicussinng the harmony and co-existence by bringing together a number of invited speakers with international acclaim, as a part of the Markaz conferences.

Visionary Educationalist

Markaz shas now been considered as one of the landmarks in the history of both secular and religious education in India. By founding the momentous educational centre named ‘Markaz’, he laid the foundation for the progress of both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Sheikh Abubaker manufactured such an idea which later metamorphosed into one of the biggest revolutions of knowledge in the entire Indian sub continent, with many branches and chapters of his Markaz all across India. He is also the chairman of more than 300 CBSE Schools.

Torch-bearer of Markaz

Found by Sheikh Abubacker Ahmad in 1978, Markaz produced a promising generation of socially committed scholars with varied skills and potential capabilities as to take over any challenges they face in the modern world. Markaz is very proud to have produced more than 75,000 scholars who enjoyed the real pulp of both secular and religious knowledge.

Social reformer

Under the visionary ledaership of Sheikh Abubacker Ahmad, Markaz has been running around a hundred institutions in India where the poor and orphan from the slums and ghettos are neither marginalized nor discriminated. His missions reach out even to the valleys in the farthest miles of Himalayan Mountains and the green valleys of southern India by spreading the word of education and social and religious progress. He is an epitome of humanist care for the poor and downtrodden in the country and he brought them to the beautiful world of hope and happiness.

Renovator of Muslim culture

Sheikh Abubacker Ahmad also created an educational culture where people gain themselves self esteem along with the knowledge that they acquire. He constructed more than 4000 cultural centers. Also, he is currently supervising around 20,000 primary education centers, hundreds of colleges across the country. Also, all of those educational institutions are running in accordance with a curriculum developed by Markaz which focus on reviving the Muslim lives with education and training.