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Enrich a culture of value based-knowledge, says Aliyyul Hashimi.

January 4, 2018

Kozhikode: Building a culture enrooted in a value based knowledge tradition and enriching it, has been the demand of the time being. And it has become the duty of everyone who advocates the human causes and act for championing them, to develop a system where the value based education find its right path, said Seyyid Aliyyul Hashimi, the senior adviser to the government of United Arab Emirates(UAE), while inaugurating the fourteenth anniversary celebrations (Ruby Jubilee) of Jamia Markaz in Karanthur, Kundamagalam. He apprised the educational and cultural activities that Markaz and its institutions have been taking for forty years, saying that it has certainly enriched the Indo – Arab relations and diplomatic ties in various remarkable ways.

The ruby Jubilee celebration of Markaz Institutions got a grand opening, with the participation of a number of leading scholars, jurists and intellectuals from 20 countries. The conference that lasts 4 days of various events of cultural and educational importance, is supposed to discuss numerous issues that the Muslim Society is encountering both national and international level. The newly built block of Markaz Higher Secondary School for Boys was inaugurated by Sri M.A Yusuf Ali, the chairman of LuLu Group of companies. He reviewed Jamia Markaz as an Institution that has given predominant importance to social justice and women empowerment and tries to elevate a community form the grass root level.

Dr. Hisham Abdul Kareem Khareesa, Vice chancellor of Zaithoona University, Tunisia, Maminyong, director of Muslim cultural center, China, Shaikh Nasir bin Rashid Alambri, member of shura council Oman, Shaikh Abdul Kareem Usman bin Yahya bin Abdan Al-Shahri, vice president of International Sufi Centre Malaysia, and Kanthapuram A.P Abubacker Musliyar, the chancellor of Jamia Markaz delivered lecture at the function. The functuion which held under the presidency of Seyyid Ali Bafaqeeh, was notable with the presence of many dignitaries like Sayyid Ibrahim Khaleel Al-Bukhari, Sayyid Attakoya Thangal Kumbol, SSA Khadar haji, Mansoor Haji Chennai.