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Muslim World must adhere to their tradition: International Scholars Meet.

January 5, 2018

Kozhikode: In response to the extremist forces claiming to have their foundations in the Islam, Jamia Markaz has organized international scholars’ meet, which was attended by 110 Islamic scholars from 22 countries. The scholars meet has unanimously urged that the Muslims must adhere to the traditional path of the religion well rooted in terms of knowledge and culture. The meet was held as part of the ongoing Markaz Ruby Jubilee conference here.

The origin of tensions, which now seems to have caught up the Muslim world, was the emergence of the ideologies by which a number of people with some vested interests began to interpret the texts in some fundamental terms, negating the rich tradition of centuries-long scholarship and culture, a joint statement released by the scholars said. It was in the light of teachings of the holy Quran and Prophetic tradition that a system of knowledge began to take root in the Muslim Civilizations. The Muslims are essentially needed to resist these ideologies by understanding the ways of peace and tolerance. The scholars determined to initiate a campaign by which the common Muslims and public could learn the real messages of Islam and identify its lessons pertaining to the co-existence and harmony, while living in a multicultural world.

Muhammed Al Hammadi (editor, Etihad daily, UAE) inaugurated the meet. The important personalities attended in the conference include Sheikh Abdul Fattah Al Moro (former vice president, Tunisian government),Mamin Yong (Director, Sufi center, China), Abdel A zees Serba (Ivory Coast) and Ali Abdel Khader (Newziland).