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Need a collective move for minority rights: Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad

May 6, 2018

Kozhikode: A collective move is necessary in any cost to achieve minority rights, says All India Sunni Scholars Association General Secretary Kanthapuram A.P Aboobacker Musliyar here yesterday. Kanthapuram appreciated Kerala police force on their investigative ability. He took the successful conclusion of foreign women murder case as a latest example for that. Every good plans and projects of state government will be accepted by public without the discrimination of caste and creed, Kanthapuram was addressing the Umera conference in Kozhikode conducted by Kerala Muslim Jamath. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan inaugurated the very first Umera Summit of KMJ. Swapna nagari, where conference was held filled with delegates from the morning itself. Thousands of delegates from different parts of the state and from various sectors of society like Business, Agriculture, Teaching, etc. took part in the conference.

The backwardness of Muslims and minorities is still remain unsolved. The findings of several commissions and their suggestions should be in the primary consideration of both state and central governments. Kerala Muslim Jamath will take initiative to propose these matters in front of the authority. Every organisations should stand together for this.

Every project for sustainable development and prosperity would be backed. And will defend the vested interests to misinterpret Muslim community in the plural society. For that, academic summits, seminars and colloquium will be conducted nationwide. We have to check out the communal forces and their polarization which have been disintegrating our nation. People should be aware of their agenda. We will have to arrange people`s parliaments to disclose communal plans to destroy the composite culture of our society.

Kerala Muslim Jamath plans to establish educational excellence centers in every state to focus on educational development of Muslims, Dalits and other backward communities. Along with educational packages, KMJ will concentrate on rehabilitation and natural disaster management. A survey will be executed in Mahallu Jamath and and other rural- urban areas to study about the life style of Muslim demography. On the basis of its findings, a Mahallu manifesto would be released and Kerala Muslim Jamath will initiate projects to ensure their livelihood and infrastructure. It aims a strategic movement of people from various sectors with Scholars to empower community, Kanthapuram said.

Samastha president E Sulaiman Musliyar chaired the session. Justice C K Abdul Raheem was chief guest. PTA Raheem MLA, A Pradeepkumar MLA, Sayyid Ali Bafaqi, A P Abdul Kareem Haji, Dr Husain Randathani, Flora Hasan Haji, Dr Mansoor Haji, Apolo Musa Haji were present. Dr Abdul Salam, N Ali Abdulla, Ponmala Abdul Qader Musliyar, Perod Abdu Rahman Saqafi, C Muhammed Faizy, Vandoor Abdul Rahiman Faizy, Abdul Jaleel Saqafi Cherussola, Sayyid Fazal Koyamma, Prof. A K Abdul Hameed presented papers in various sessions.