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Sheikh Abubakr represented India in anti-terrorism conference organised by Egypt’s President

October 21, 2016

Cairo (Egypt): Sheikh Abubakr, the general secretary of all India Sunni scholars association, represented India in the international scholars’ meet against terrorism organised by Egypt’s president, Abdel Fattah Al Sisi. The three-day conference under the theme of “the role of Fatwas in stabilizing societies” had been attended by eminent scholars across the world.

” The various Salafi movements who unsuccessfully attempt to link between Islam and terrorism and try to justify violent acts against humanity in the name of Islam are deviants and have rejected the true epistemology and Fatwas of Islam. Historically, the proponents of Sufi Islam always propagated Islam in its genuine form and by doing justice to its fundamentals. The Muslims across the world have to take the peaceful messages of Islam from scholars who adopt the traditional path.” Sheikh Abubakr said attending the conference.

“Fatwas have played an important role in developing the Islamic knowledge system and Muslim culture. Islamic knowledge tradition emerged in a systematic way in the form of thousands of books. This well structured and comprehensive Islamic knowledge tradition provides the true interpretation of the Quran and prophetic tradition. Given the existence of a well-matured knowledge tradition within Islam, there is no room for the misinterpretation of the Quran, a task unsuccessfully being done by terrorists who claim themselves as the represents of Islam.”He further added.

The conference was attended by Amsterdam University President Marsooq Aulad Abdulla, Thaba foundation founder Habeeb Ali Jifri, UAE religious department representative Muhammed Mathwarul Kahbi, Muhammed Qalahela, Mufti of the Jordan, Swalah Mujeeb, Mufti of Chechniya and prominent scholars from 60 countries. (The news cutting is published in todays Time of India)